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“You Should Do More Impressions!”

  • Posted on June 7, 2017

We open to a comedian at a crossroads, an artist at an impasse. This is Sasheer Zamata’s debut special, recorded in the midst of her third season on Saturday Night Live. She’s since left. SNL is the biggest sketch show in comedy history. Pizza Mind is conventional stand-up, mostly anecdotes. Sasheer, a comically self-described “Baby Lauryn Hill”, is at odds with the miseducated. Her identity is mistaken, sometimes her audiences expect her to “Do SNL” or “Be SNL”, her name—a Star Trek reference—is technically misspelled and often mispronounced. But none of the chaos or confusion really matters. Sasheer Zamata is consistently funny, sophisticated, and endearing, flexing her acting chops and charming vision.

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America Isn’t A Melting Pot, It’s A Pizza… A Greasy, Grimey-Ass Country.

Saturday Night Live is the closest thing comedy has to sports. Reviews, news, a risk of failure, cultural influence, prospects and retrospects and Lorne Michaels impressions over 40 years of entertainment has made for the best Sunday morning quarterbacking. Who was the best, who was the worst, where are they now, where will they go? Sasheer’s future is unclear. What is clear: the comic is not afraid to take risks as she dabbles in inventive idiosyncrasies. Sasheer, imagining dragons and librarians, intersperses fanciful Foley work (that’s sound effects, fam), while weaving a fantastical yarn on why her mother doesn’t trust white people. The special concludes with a pitch-perfect musical-theater-styled hero’s theme (albeit through folly). Rapper-producer Jean Grae provides an original bonus track. All these distinct toppings meld into unexpected delight. Second servings are definitely in order. Compliments to the chef!

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