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Well Damn, Are They Funny?

  • Posted on July 10, 2017

The Def Comedy Jam will probably never happen again. Def Jam is it’s own “style.” It’s the Kleenex of Urban comedy, a trademarked brand that became synonymous with its generic imitators. It’s not that Def Comedy Jam is the ONLY brand of loud, brash, young, uncensored comedians reppin hip hop culture, BUT. It is the gold standard. The showcase helmed by music mogul Russell Simmons ran for nine seasons, launched countless careers and turned up-and-coming comedians into superstars. Still, even with a groundswell of books, documentaries and podcasts about comedy’s history, the Def Comedy Jam story has been largely untold, until now. Laughly Original Life After Def, conversations with Def Comedy Jam alumni, gives insight to the show’s landscape, lessons learned and backstage drama. You’ve never heard anything like this before!

We DEFfinitely Have The Funny. Listen To Six Of Our Favorites.

I Ain’t Scared Of You

Host Frank Holder asks the comedians about their careers before and after the phenomenon. Some were working the road on the “Chitlin Circuit” for predominantly African American audiences before they hit the Def Comedy stage. Others were working at comedy clubs as fledgling proteges to comedy icons. Every comic was unprepared to take the world by storm, and Life After Def explores how comics reacted when they did…and didn’t. Each episode is a new chapter into what made Def Comedy Jam a success, a unique thread in the collective recollection. You learn that everything was for effect. Instead of reaching a mainstream audience with stodgy suits and Johnny Carson, Def Comedy Jam had propeller hats and DJ Kid Capri. Changes in production, catchphrases and compensation were the result of circumstance and chance. These comics lived in a world where they knew Jamie Foxx as “Eric”. It’s wild, important and fascinating. Laughter is a universal language, and Def Comedy Jam’s featured performers, with a few more expletives than the status quo, added so much to the vernacular. Life After Def breathes much needed new life and proper recognition to an unsung movement. Listen to the hysterical, historical, hip-hop-heavy Laughly Original today!

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