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Solomon Georgio Is Superior

  • Posted on October 26, 2017

Homonégro Superior is a journey of self discovery, self-love and throwing shade. We follow a Black, gay, African immigrant comedian coming of age in Fresno, CA—“a garbage fire of a city.” There’s sex, brunch, genocide, social justice and more sex. We’re gifted dark, glorious statements aimed against a growing list of enemies. Solomon Georgio, who recently debut his Comedy Central Half Hour special, embodies comedy’s fierce new wave. He has confidence, wisdom, and raw ability beyond his years. He measures the socio-cultural zeitgeist and obliterates convention with razor-sharp pettiness. Solomon is not here to play games (and we’re here for it)!

Outrageously Hilarious! LGBTQ+ Comics on The Frontier of Funny!

Fearless Futuristic

“I can say whatever the hell I want. I’m black and gay!” exclaims the velvety smooth Solomon. Whatever the hell he wants is usually in the face of any would-be detractors. Solomon invites outrage. He is revolutionary by existence and further challenging by persistence. He understands homophobia, misogyny and racism, and he is always ready with a brilliant, biting retort. His inflammatory stances run counter to standard contrition. Most comedians with moxie attack previous or modern sensitivities, Solomon Georgio subverts status quo sensibilities. Comedy usually reinforces the past, Homonégro Superior reimagines a future. Comedy lovers are greater from this debut. Check it out on Laughly!

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