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Shane Torres Establishes Greatness in Impressive Debut

  • Posted on September 7, 2017

Shane Torres is honest, hilarious and on the rise. He goes against the grain. One example, he defends Food Network’s Guy Fieri against unwarranted scrutiny. “What did he do besides follow his dreams,” the comic asks in Established 1981, his debut album on Comedy Central Records. He proceeds to share his opinions on home schooling, police lineups, debt collectors, and more. Shane’s righteous surliness and colorful language has earned him numerous accolades. He won Portland’s Funniest Person in 2013. He’s been featured as a New Face for the illustrious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival and Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch. He’s made appearances doing standup on Conan and Last Comic Standing. His Comedy Central The Half Hour special premieres September 22.

Shane is a Portland Prince. Listen to our other great Pacific Northwesteners.

A Smartass Sweetheart

Shane Torres is a world-class storyteller, and, with a Shane Torres story, things often go from bad to worse for our protagonist. In Established 1981, Shane’s morning wood can turn to mourning wood. Drunkenness can lead to a “murderer’s casting call” real quick. The Texas native, a skilled and imaginative writer, is great at peppering vivid details as his stories take absurd twists, shaky heights and mortifying lows. Shane puts our chaotic and obnoxious world on blast, life’s unchallenged indignities are squarely in his crosshairs. The album is cartoonish and cantankerous and lovable and hopeful. And while it’s weird to say about someone that is seemingly secreting raw angst, Shane Torres is serene. He’s metered in turmoil. He’s a controlled fire. He’s a mindful cynic. Established 1981 establishes one of comedy’s funniest rising stars, a distinct voice for years to come. Listen to it now on Laughly!!

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