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  • Posted on August 7, 2017
The comedy world is a fascinating place full of interesting characters but learning details about your favorite up-and-coming comedians can be like those shady Wikipedia pages full of missing citations. You may be introduced to a comedian on television, you may follow them on social media and you may see them live in person without ever knowing who they are or where they’re from. At best you can receive the information from the comedians themselves, through hours-long podcasts and local publications, but finding these primary documents requires diligence. Your time is precious and hard to come by. That’s why we created The BackStory. The BackStory offers clarity and hilarity from your new favorite jokesters in an easy, breezy, 30-minute-and-under interview. This isn’t the typical, overindulgent, promo code-heavy podcast that serves a cult of personality. No thank you! We avoid a comedian’s megalomania without sacrificing an insider perspective. Our secret weapon?: Mark Says Hi!
Enjoy The Ride (And Their Great Comedy Albums) with These BackStory Guests

The Secret Weapon

Mark “Says Hi” Seman is our resident rock star. During the day he’s Laughly’s Head of Programming & Original Content and host of The BackStory. By night he’s kicking ass on the drums with his band Thrilldriver. Through it all, Mark is cool, clever and charming. We are not being biased. He’s really great! He’s a loveable smart ass and has a playful rapport with all his guests. Mark is passionate and knowledgeable in ways comedy—the artform, lifestyle and the business—deserves. The BackStory is a personal guide for fellow comedy lovers, the kind of conversations that introduce talent and enhance the zeitgeist. Who knows, you may hear an intriguing tidbit. You may go out to see that comic live. You may tell your friends about that comic and continue the cycle of comedic discovery. Comedy’s future is uncertain and unwieldy, but every comedian’s journey to the stage is wildly entertaining, as you can hear on The BackStory!

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