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Pete Holmes Is A Reservoir Of Delight

  • Posted on July 13, 2017

Faces and Sounds is fun, full of brilliant writing and puppy-like enthusiasm. You might read the title, listen in and think “where are the faces?” Don’t worry about it. “But I need them!” Pete Holmes more than makes up for their absence in his latest special. The sweet-natured Sasquatch delights in the delightful. Pete is one of the best at making the mundane fantastic and making the extraordinary common. Many jokes feel like thought experiments designed to perpetuate silliness long after hearing them. Other jokes are vibrant vignettes with inspired energy and detail. Musings about Lenny Kravitz’s uncool full name or stories about observant TSA agents, silly squawks and tornado phrases make Faces and Sounds into a candy dish of pick me ups.

Pete’s Picks: Enjoy Some of Pete Holmes’ Friends and Favorites!

For The Weirdos

Faces and Sounds is a landmark, a signpost, a coalescence in conversation, for Weirdos (i.e. Pete’s loyal fans). Pete isn’t exhaustingly famous but he’s exceptionally “known”. Here’s Pete Holmes for the uninitiated: big, goofy man telling big, goofy jokes, super into Jesus, married young, gets cheated on, gets divorced, Chicago to New York to LA, an eponymous talk show, a cancellation and “Crashing” a creative non-fiction autobiographical dramedy on HBO. You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, a podcast that’s equal parts interview, diary, riff session and those meandering heart-to-hearts you have at 3am, bridges all facets of Pete. It’s the glue that holds our interest. Listeners are made to understand Pete, his hang ups, his evolution, his mind state and happenings, and where his new jokes are heading. At the same time, the show offers a model for understanding themselves. It builds familiarity while advocating for joy and vulnerability. If You Made It Weird is an intimate run on sentence with one of the world’s funniest people, Faces and Sounds is an exclamation point. Just use your imagination for the faces.

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