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Louis C.K. Stand-Up Routines Rank Most Popular on Laugh.ly – New Comedy Streaming App Launching Today

  • Posted on August 11, 2016

Laugh.ly, the first and only streaming app built from the ground-up for stand-up comedy, goes live today in the App Store and Google Play Store. The launch follows a successful beta during which Louis C.K. content was the most accessed among more than 400 available comedians in the app.

Free to use and available on iOS™, Android® and any Web browser, Laugh.ly has the most extensive comedy library available, accessed through direct distribution deals with the largest media publishers in comedy including Comedy Dynamics™, as well as direct relationships with A-list comedians.

“Comedians work hard to develop content and getting material in front of new fans is challenging,” said Alonzo Bodden, actor and comedian known for winning the grand prize of Last Comic Standing’s season three. “I’m excited to have another venue to get my work out to the public.” Bodden is among more than 400 top comedians on the app, including Amy Schumer, Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, Sarah Silverman, Chris Rock, Aziz Ansari and George Carlin.

Laugh.ly just completed a three-week beta, during which it received rave reviews from the 1,500 beta testers selected from more than 4,000 on the waiting list. During that beta period, active users rated the app an average 4.8 out of 5 stars and average active usage totaled 46 minutes per day.

During the beta, Louis C.K. reigned supreme as the most listened to comedian across tens of thousands of listened hours. He also had three of the top 10 most listened to albums.

“There’s a real hunger to access quality stand-up comedy anywhere and everywhere you are, so we knew the app would be in high demand,” said founder and CEO Dave Scott, serial entrepreneur and former comic. “After such positive feedback in beta, we can’t wait to see comedy lovers everywhere start to use the product. You’re welcome, America!”

Laugh.ly’s features include:

  • Tens of thousands of stand-up comedy routines from more than 400 leading comics
  • The most extensive comedy library available, accessed through direct distribution deals with the largest media publishers in comedy as well as direct relationships with A-list comedians
  • An extensible technology built to offer a streaming experience unique for spoken word.

Users will initially have two primary listening options: Ad-supported listening free of charge or a premium service called “Front Row Seating” for $3.99 per month.

Top 10 Comedians

  1. Louis C.K.
  2. Aziz Ansari
  3. George Carlin
  4. Bill Burr
  5. Jim Gaffigan
  6. Kevin Hart
  7. Christian Finnegan
  8. Marc Maron
  9. Kyle Kinane
  10. Mike Birbiglia


Top 10 Albums

  1. Chewed Up – Louis C.K.
  2. Buried Alive – Aziz Ansari
  3. Hilarious – Louis C.K.
  4. Live In Houston – Louis C.K.
  5. Seriously Funny – Kevin Hart
  6. Why Do I Do This – Bill Burr
  7. Final Engagement – Marc Maron
  8. The Fun Part – Christian Finnegan
  9. Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening – Aziz Ansari
  10. Obsessed – Jim Gaffigan

*Data based on sessions played during Laugh.ly beta period between July 20th and August 10th.