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You Let Me Down brings the funny

  • Posted on February 23, 2017

You’ve seen Joe DeRosa on Comedy Central, HBO, and even Fox News, but he’s at his best on his new stand-up album. The comedy veteran covers Lochte-gate; the correct way to use Tinder, a career more dignified than standup comedy, advocates for closed-casket funerals, and unfair celebrity privilege.

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DeRosa’s dark, and we like him that way

DeRosa approaches the tough stuff head on. Death, depression, Arizona–no topic is too thorny for the Pennsylvania native. His jokes have landed him on numerous podcasts (including two he’s hosted himself, Down with Joe DeRosa and We’ll See You in Hell) and a writing gig on The Pete Holmes Show. If you’re jonesing for a hilarious take on topics too hot for polite conversation, you can’t go wrong with Joe DeRosa.

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