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Tis The Season For World Class Funny Lavell Crawford

  • Posted on December 14, 2017

Lavell Crawford is larger than life, a force. He’s graced screens small and wide, featured at legendary institutions such as Showtime at the Apollo and Def Comedy Jam. His syrupy, gravelly way of speaking compliments his rumbling storytelling and impersonations. He’s a grand showman with lightning-quick and cutting responses to hecklers, extraordinarily smart at communicating with everyday people. In his recent release, Home For the Holidays, Lavell offers perspective on all the major American holidays. He keeps a running commentary with regards to intrinsic racial, cultural, and regional idiosyncrasies from his upbringing as a fat, Black man raised in St. Louis. Explicit and audacious, he pulls no punches about himself or others. In essence, Lavell Crawford is a comedy master, fully and completely. And you won’t believe what he says about his relatives!

These Funny Folk Put Family Center Stage

Family Matters

Families are messy. They’re eccentric bands of characters that are stubborn in tradition and annoying in their differences. There’s nowhere to hide around your family. They see all, know all—or know nothing and act like they know everything—but sometimes they are all you got. That’s why it’s hard to make off-colored jokes at family members’ expense in a palatable way. People love their family and often recoil at any vitriol, comedic or otherwise, contrary to those values. Lavell loves his family too, but he’s still has to make fun of them; he still has to render them for an audience through his exaggerated pantomime. One could argue that to joke about somebody, to cut them to the quick, to hit them where it hurts, is an act of love. To wheedle an insecurity or mimic a voice requires time, attention and care, observation and understanding. Lavell is masterful at saying shocking and outrageous things about his family members, while remaining loving and lovable. This combination of tribute and mockery is Lavell Crawford’s greatest achievement. If you have a moment away from the children, the elderly or other sensitive ears, celebrate this season with the side-splitting Home For the Holidays, now on Laughly!

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