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The Laugh Queen of Scotland.

  • Posted on August 10, 2017

Fern Brady is really good at calling bullshit across culture, gender, class, religious, and political lines. She’s also superb at calling bullshit on herself. She’s smart but flawed, radical but unassuming, confident but humbled by life’s many foibles. Her breezy, matter of fact critiques never pushes you away. Her casual barbs about her own appearance or experiences feel nuanced and vulnerable. She’s comfortable examining social hypocrisies, engaging in said hypocrisy, and then calling herself out, in a matter of minutes! Her brand of self-aware, self-effacing satire is the comedy equivalent of rapper Eminem’s tactic at the conclusion of 8 Mile: in a battle of wits, making fun of yourself can defuse others’ ability to weaponize your insecurities. And, in Male Comedienne, Fern is mostly insecure about brunch.

Yuks Yuks in the UK

Reindeer Brunch

Brexit and Trump notwithstanding, 2016 was a pretty good year for Fern Brady. She was voted 99 in Scotland’s 100 Hottest Cultural Contributors–98 was a park in Glasgow. She also made some television appearances—”this woman genuinely has the farthest apart eyes I’ve ever seen on another human being #eyesfarapart,” said one viewer on Twitter. However, amid her success, she wasn’t invited to the annual female comedians Edinburgh Fringe brunch. This slight is Male Comedienne’s spine. The comic is haunted by “why?” Fern navigates the anger, indignation, existentialist dread, return to anger, inadequates evoked from being excluded. Her reasoning, expressed in wild anecdotes and confessions, is inconclusive. It’s a fascinating spiral. Fern’s femininity, or perceived lack of, is a quicksand trap, a panicked proclamation about living uncomfortably. It’s also a perfect catalyst for Fern Brady’s greatness, her talent, charm and acerbic coolness. Discover her first on Laughly!

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