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Kurt Braunohler doesn’t want you to trust him

  • Posted on March 23, 2017

In Trust Me, his first Comedy Central special, Kurt Braunohler spends the bulk of the hour proving his thesis that the audience actually shouldn’t trust him. After years of pushing the boundaries of absurdist comedy with frequent collaborator Kristen Schaal, raising money for Heifer International with his series Roustabout, and hosting IFC’s game show Bunk, Braunohler is digging into his own personal life and political identity.

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Oh no, beavers; oh yes social consciousness!

Taking advantage of his hyper-liberal Portland audience (Trust Me is the first Comedy Central hour to be filmed in Bridgetown), Braunohler slowly, hilariously builds to a political call to action: tall white guys who’ve been eternally given the benefit of the doubt should work to undermine their credibility by saying and doing ridiculous things. This comes after sixty minutes of teasing out the origins of salt water taffy and human life itself, recounting a case of mistaken identity with a washing machine in the UK, and getting into why Jimmy Buffet has his own satellite radio station. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kurt Braunohler joint without a ridiculous song and dance, and the ending of the special doesn’t disappoint.

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