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Julia Scotti Is One of a Kind

  • Posted on September 1, 2017

Julia Scotti is special. Hello Boys…I’m Back!, her debut album, is full with cheeky double-and-triple entendres that has the audience rolling. Julia makes the most salient observations on gender, politics and aging. Her animated impersonations are riotous. Her sarcasm and wit are razor sharp. In 2016, at 63-years-young, Julia appeared on television’s America’s Got Talent and was funny enough to make it to the quarterfinals. “You genuinely made me laugh,” praised legendary crack Simon Cowell. Also, she’s transgender.

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A Timely, Timeless and Stellar Release

Hello Boys…I’m Back! is a tour through Julia’s extravagant life, bolstered by well-crafted jokes at a rollicking pace and an upbeat attitude. The comedian feels emotionally rich, open and inviting, while talented and conscious at providing levity and catharsis. Tragic events from childhood feel casually optimistic. Personal clashes with ageism, sexism are nuanced and informative. As much as the album is of the times, making references to the United flight and North Carolina’s bathroom law, the humor is timeless. Whomever you are, whatever your background, if you love comedy, you owe it to yourself to experience a fully-funny individual. Julia Scotti is stellar!

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