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A Joel Kim Booster Shot

  • Posted on December 1, 2017

Thanksgiving came and went and we’re all shaking off that holiday hangover. Family, even at their most heartfelt, can be a headache. Look at Joel Kim Booster. In Model Minority, the rising star’s debut album, Joel describes past and present familial grievances with style and attitude. You see, Joel isn’t just adopted from Korea, raised in the Midwest by Southern Christians, navigating indignities involving race, sexual orientation and identity. He’s a super perceptive young comedian, quick, tart and shady as hell. Joel Kim Booster turns stereotypes into absurdism, tragedies into tropes, clichés into some of the best observations in modern comedy. Model Minority drips in subtle and revealing rebellion, with inviting autobiographical anecdotes and exceptional charm.

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Our Dashing Hero

Joel Kim Booster avoids being an absolute prat. He could define his otherness as betterment, his humor as less of a defensive mechanism than a blunt force weapon. Instead, Joel balances sly sarcasm with defusive, deprecating grace. As a storyteller, rather than casting detractors as inherently irredeemable, he presents himself as relatively flawed, conflicted and relatable. He’s a hero, but thankfully, and hilariously, he’s not always heroic. Sometimes, Joel says something so twisted and outrageous that he loses the audience, before gently coaxing them back. Joel Kim Booster is playfully, ironically obtuse with heart to boot. Hear one of the year’s best debuts right now on Laughly!

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