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An Honest Moment in Modern Comedy

  • Posted on June 28, 2017

Passionate comedy fans spend money in the margins. They invest in the new or obscure or promising, searching out smaller shows in their town and supporting those budding talents. Laughly does too. We pride ourselves on our Emerging Comedians, a portal that highlights comedy’s next wave. These comics aren’t taking over your televisions or selling out arenas (yet), but their hard work and raw talent is electric. Case in point, Sid Singh. Sid is on the rise. You can hear it in the San Francisco Bay Area native’s debut, Amazing! (Probably), recorded in his hometown. He challenges San Francisco’s progressive seriousness immediately, dances in the purgatory of his late 20s, and leans into awkwardness with an effacing charm.

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“But That’s Not Why It Was The Worst Show of All Time…”

Comedy is a game of inches, inertia and attrition. Some say comedians don’t find their voice until after ten consecutive years plying their trade, and that’s when the real work begins. Sid is at eight but his sense of humor rings true. He’s boisterous and bold. He’s a great storyteller and a talented writer. He’s told his jokes from New York to England and beyond, earning a unique perspective on what works where and why. Being a comedian exposes a person to odd individuals and heartbreaking circumstances and Sid has had his share. “Birmingham, England The Worst Show Of All Time”, a twelve-minute odyssey at the album’s core, crescendos after layers and layers of mortification. You come away from Amazing! (Probably) amazed how Sid can turn ebbs into flow, tragedy to triumph, the grind into greatness. And the best is yet to come.

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