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Heavyweight: Sketch Comedy Champions

  • Posted on November 15, 2017

Sit back, relax, open your ears and float to a world of pure, dark, pulpy imagination. Enjoy silly, inventive skits, sketches and scenarios ripe with cinematic sounds and tongue-in-cheek theatrics. You deserve the finest absurdity, the next great comedy group in the vein of Monty Python and The National Lampoon (if you’re old) or The State and Comedy Bang Bang (if you’re less old). That’s what you get you with Heavyweight, Laughly’s newest, exclusive original sketch comedy show. Hosted by Nick Vatterott, Mark Raterman, Brady Novak, and T.J. Miller great comedians in their own right, the show is a fast, offbeat romp. The guys are having fun playing off each other, while playing with expectations. It’s a comedy lovers dream, and like an actual dream, Heavyweight is full of surprises

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Subscribe to Heavyweight now because it’s rare to find a consistent, funny audio sitcom that has undeniable talent and care. The show’s deliberate style, forethought and scope, and those qualities being scarce in modern comedy, is ironic because, alongside vaudeville, radio was a cradle for discovering and developing humor in the 20th Century. Audiences were encouraged to be whisked away, to imagine the make believe in the theater of the mind. Heavyweight is a throwback in that way, its wild characters bouncing off the walls inside your head. Still, the show is much more, it’s a path to a future. We wanted to give four terrific comics a place to do whatever they wanted, to be purely creative and excited. What they wanted was Heavyweight, a dynamite show: concentrated, impactful, and a blast.

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