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“Groaners” is Dad Jokes By Your Drunk Uncle

  • Posted on July 19, 2017

It’s hard to say why one-liners like, “I have a lot of hobbies, I like to startle ballerinas to keep them on their toes” are so grating. They can make your skin crawl, teeth clinch, face scrunch. Maybe it’s social conditioning, or having certain taste or a primal urge to reject abominations. Whatever it is, Jeremy Arroyo‘s Groaners delights in telling jokes that get as many boos as laughs. The pure audacity of definitive but displeasing comedy, one joke after another, is the funniest joke of all. Whether you enjoy the blunt-forced joking or not is irrelevant, Jeremy will get you eventually. Even if it’s just a begrudging chuckle, a shocked chortle , Groaners wins.

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Sales wisdom says you approach sixty people, you’ll talk to thirty, get in depth with ten and convince one or two to accept whatever you’re hocking. Jeremy is selling jokes, a lot of jokes. This is different than most performers in contemporary comedy, where comics are selling a version themselves, something relatable. Groaners subverts expectations through brilliant writing, far-fetched premises and punishing puns. We’re never given a true sense of who Jeremy is, or what he wants you to think he is. The only sliver of Jeremy we see outside of his will and determination for the bitis when he acknowledges the tension and silence left in his wake, asking “what am I doing?” These instances feel like a reflective reprieve, a seed of doubt, a chance to bail. But the comic pushes through. “I got into a fight at a French cuisine exhibit, it was a real slugfest,” Jeremy continues. No time to chill, he has a lot more jokes to tell.

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