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Finding The Heart In Surviving Cancer, Deadly Lizards, and Grindcore Dads.

  • Posted on June 14, 2017
“Life is stranger than fiction” is a cliche but completely accurate adage. The best anecdotes sound impossible when summarized out of context. For instance, And I Am Not Lying features a story about Jeff Simmermon’s four piece art rock band, helmed by two humans and two chickens. Don’t worry, everything is alright, no chickens are harmed… by a human. And they toured Japan. And Reverend Al Sharpton is not a fan. See? It has to be heard to believed. Jeff, a noteworthy storyteller and the 2014 Moth GrandSLAM champion, skillfully punctuates his charming style with layers of detail, fun twists, small victories, medium defeats, and pristine clarity. As an absurd crisis heightens, threatening to send our protagonist over the edge, a moment of unexpected humanity—i.e. from a Kangaroo hunter, or a NYC subway rider—pulls him away from the brink.
Celebrate the oral tradition with our favorite yarn-spinners!

You know you’ve made it when you’ve got a “guy” at Dunkin Donuts

Tews delivers punchlines about being the third Jim Tews in his family, traumatic experiences on school picture day, jazz for white people, knowing the entire verse of Salt ‘n Pepa’s “Shoop,” and laughing about getting poisoned by his girlfriend. Stick around til the end for a hysterical and effective anti-drug PSA you won’t want to miss.
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