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Dream Occupation Is One Of 2017’s Funniest Albums

  • Posted on August 17, 2017
Dream Occupation, the latest from New York comedian Anthony DeVito, is immensely funny. It easily boasts some of the year’s biggest laughs. Anthony, a charming and talented writer, doesn’t take life too seriously. Everything and everyone is fair game—relationships, senility, rapper/singer Shaggy—as the New Jersey native finds new, interesting and personal ways to make hilarious, smartass observations. Anthony DeVito is clever, but never cute about it. His self-effacing anecdotes, left turns into absurdity, satire, impersonations and wordplay never feel overindulgent. He’s refreshingly to the point. For instance, in Dream Occupation’s opening moments, he acknowledges that he looks racially ambiguous and his name is “suspiciously” traditional as he jokes about arriving to the airport four hours early. The quickest way between two points is a straight line, and the quickest way to a laugh is to call out the obvious. Anthony DeVito gives it to you straight every time.

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Dream Occupation Is Easy.

It’s easy to love Anthony DeVito’s cool sensibility, it’s easy to recognize his talent, and it’s easy to appreciate his jokes’ lasting impact. The latter, Anthony’s resonating humor, is a rare and exciting quality for comedy aficionados. A joke can catch you off guard, a shtick (i.e. behavior, tone, voice) can help you compartmentalize, a story can take you on a journey, but all can be fleeting if they don’t stick. Anthony mixes all three amazingly well, allowing the laughs to linger. Before you hear Dream Occupation, the turn of phrase like “Chilly Willy Penguin Bones” is fun nonsense; after Dream Occupation, you will probably chuckle every time you enter a cold room. The album imprints images of disastrous architecture school presentations, Hawaiian hippies, and being an only child with bunk beds. Even if Anthony DeVito tends to ramble toward more universal theories about life, love and death, his tangents feel confident, concrete and comprehensive. Creating affecting comedy demands an artistic alchemy, to stand out in stand-up is difficult. Anthony achieves both with Dream Occupation. Listen and laugh for yourself now on Laughly!

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