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Don’t wait til she’s a star–listen to Alison Stevenson now!

  • Posted on May 18, 2017
You may not have heard of Laughly Emerging Comedian Alison Stevenson yet, but trust us, you’re going to–and not just in this email. Eat Me, her independently released debut comedy album, is a fearless tornado of jokes that places her at the vanguard of an exciting new crop of comedic talent coming out of Los Angeles. Not only is Stevenson an accomplished standup and award-winning Tweeter–she recently made her television debut on Viceland’s “Flop House” series.
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As Stevenson’s fans are already aware, the title Eat Me is a reference to her preferred sexual activity, and she does cover a lot of sexual content on the album, primarily her misadventures in dating a certain type of broke LA loafer (“a rollerblader,” she laments). Scratch beneath the raunchy surface, however, and you’ll find pointed criticism of the double standards facing women, the challenges of aging and digesting dairy, and a very long route to a great Jay-Z punchline. With a joyful, sarcastic delivery style that’s equal parts Roseanne and her TV daughter Darlene, Stevenson is a confident performer on the verge of a career breakthrough.

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