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Coming To The Stage Is The Sweet Spot

  • Posted on August 24, 2017

To love comedy is to have an ear to the ground and to sleep with one eye open. While it’s easier than ever to find new comedians on the Internet, on podcasts and YouTube, true fans of comedy know the best source is going out and seeing stand-up live in person. Showcases, carefully curated, multi-person lineups in bars and black box theaters, are the best bang for your buck. Literally. These shows, frequent in places like LA or New York or San Francisco or Chicago, are usually free or super cheap. Showcases are typically self-produced by the comedians, featuring a medley of various styles doing their best 5-10 minutes or working on something pertinent. The vibe is energetic, casual. Not feeling the current comedian? Wait for the next one! The show keeps rolling, and you’ll be rolling too! Coming to the Stage, which recently released its fifth season, is the closest approximation to the showcase vibe, a perfect way to enjoy and experience your new, favorite comedians.

Coming to The Stage…These CTTS Alums!

The Host With Most

If Coming to the Stage is a steaming helping of delicious comedy bites, having Andy Kindler host Season 5 is all gravy. Kindler is a self-conscious curmudgeon who has earned mononym-status among comedy elite and diehards, reaching every platitude in show business except for fame or fortune. This seems to fit the thirty-plus-year stand-up veteran. It’s impossible to know what Andy would do with mainstream acceptance since his best material comes from a street-wise, underground, workmen’s iconoclasm. Andy lives to mock entertainments greener pastures and what he feels are the bankrupt ways to get there. Albeit in bits and pieces, Coming to the Stage is almost like getting a new Kindler album, an addition to a catalog that includes two albums, innumerable podcast appearances, and an annual, lauded gig roasting the comedy industry at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival. And, as a comedy fan, you can never have enough Kindler!

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