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Check out Josh Johnson’s debut album before anyone else

  • Posted on July 27, 2017

After honing his craft at Chicago’s Annoyance theatre, relocating to New York City, and a stint writing for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Josh Johnsonis polished, professional and precise on his very funny first album from Comedy Central Records. Josh dips in and out of his deadpan drawl (a hangover from his Louisiana upbringing) between act outs of absurd characters he’s met out in the wild–a pickup artist with bologna back at his crib, the mugger who punched him in the face, and even a ceiling fan that bested him in an altercation that drew intervention from the cops. He occasionally makes himself chuckle–when pointing out that creepy kids in horror movies are never black, for instance, but his delivery primarily remains on an even keel, expertly guiding the audience through the slow-paced absurdity of his jokes.

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A standup guy

In high school, after his first crack at standup comedy in a talent show, Josh’steacher Mr. Ward told Josh that he looked forward to eventually seeing him on the Tonight Show. When Josh made his late night debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this year, he flew in Mr. Ward as his special guest. That thoughtfulness and fundamental nice guyness runs through the entirety of I Like You, even when Josh raises his voice in bafflement at the contradictions inherent in his life and even his own body (what’s with these bird shoulders?). Keep an ear open for his stellar bits on fearing possums, New York bullies, and his deep misunderstanding of who Anne Frank actually was.

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