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Is Brian Posehn 50 or just 25 x 2?

  • Posted on March 16, 2017

A riff on pop diva Adele’s famous age-based album titles, 25 x 2 finds Brian Posehn taking it easy, casually dropping references to his previous work, softening his anti-Star Wars stance, and even flubbing a gag that was scrapped in rehearsal. Posehn is rightfully confident, after a standup career spanning 30 years, that his hardcore fans will love seeing the rough edges and that newcomers will be intrigued enough to dig into his back catalogue for more of the metalhead’s brand of alt- comedy.

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Nerds age better than dogs.

Posehn gives listeners an update on his son (gave him a literal asshat), his senior dog (ate increasingly weird stuff), and his wife (walked in on him at an extremely inopportune moment). He also touches on his adventures as an honorary member of metal culture, his distaste for guys his age who complain about “PC culture,” and how he might have “hodored” his way through bullies in middle school. Released by Comedy Dynamics, Posehn’s 25 x 2 may forever change the way you view Winnie the Pooh, but it will stick with you as a portrait of an artist finally comfortable in his skin.

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