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Award-Winning Comedy App Laughly Debuts Revolutionary New Self Publishing Portal For Emerging Comedians

  • Posted on April 23, 2017

In a giant leap toward fulfilling its goal of introducing new comics to the world, award-winning comedy app Laughly today announced that it has launched a new portal where up-and-coming comics can upload recorded materials to reach wider audiences, gain industry exposure, and make some much-needed bucks. The world’s first streaming audio app devoted to stand-up comedy – offering the most extensive comedy library with albums and routines from over 700 comedians – Laughly was recently named Best New Startup in the Entertainment & Content category at the SXSW Festival and nominated for a Webby.

The idea originated from Laughly founder and CEO Dave Scott’s time as a stand-up comedian. A serial entrepreneur and tech executive, Scott spent time on stage between ventures and quickly found that struggling comedians have an abundance of recorded material, but nowhere to distribute it widely. Scott went on to launch Laughly in August 2016, pushing the industry toward the democratization of comedy.

“From the fan perspective, it’s often difficult to discover content from up and coming comedians unless they have already been discovered,” explains Scott. “For comics under the radar, there are streaming apps with discovery engines, like Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music, but they mainly focus on music. Laughly wants to amplify the voices of all comics, both established and emerging, allowing promising joke tellers to get the exposure and break they deserve.”

Laughly’s Comedian Portal is an easy-to-use, fully automated system which begins by allowing a comic to create their own in-app profile (bio, photos, links to website/social media). Helping artists upload and categorize routines to fit into thematic playlists, it directly connects comics with audiences through the app’s social integration/commenting system, letting comics build their fan base and create a new, viable revenue stream while doing what they love.

Laughly has more than 50 independent comedians debuting at launch of the Comedian Portal, most of whom can be found exclusively on the Laughly app. They include:

Phil Johnson   |   Sharif Faleh   |   Denise Vasquez

Ricky Guerro |     Peter Prins   |   Chris Williams

Krissy Donato   |   Jeff Capri   |   Michael Connell

Sandra Riser   |   Leaf the Comedian   |  Dwight Simmons

Lee Ridley (Lost Voice Guy)   |   Syndey Davis   |   Danny Browning

Jennifer Gable  |   David Drake  |   Moises Amaya

Jessica Delifno  |   Joey Zsa Zsa  |   Anthony Salomini

Ken Reid  |   Nathan Brannon  |   Sal Calanni

Erikka Iness  |   Brandie Posey  |   Julia Anne

Alycia Marie  |   Ken Perlstein  |   Perry Kurtz

Brock Wilbur  |   Ellie Rodriguez  |   Matt Gubser

Spencer Hicks  |   Leah Kayajanian  |   Khiry Johnson

Ben Rosenfeld  |   Kelly Anneken  |   James Ngheim

Among these up-and-coming talents, consider…

  • Jeff Capri: A second-generation comic, son of Catskills comedian Dick Capri, working to connect with audiences through new media in a way his dad could have never imagined.
  • Brandie Posey: On the verge of breaking out, with her own podcast, web series and streaming comedy specials, showcasing the many ways modern comedians can bypass gatekeepers and steer their own careers.
  • Sharif Faleh: A Muslim comic who is “typically broke all the time,” a prime example of under-represented talents reaching for mainstream exposure and monetary stability.

“There are no entry level jobs in stand-up that pay the bills,” explains Laughly Head of Product Kelly Anneken. “It takes years of incredibly hard work and incredibly low pay to get to the point where a comedian can make a living writing and performing comedy. In my career I’ve been committed to finding new ways to help comedy artists support themselves, and I’m thrilled to help shepherd Laughly’s new Comedian Portal.” You can also find her debut album on the app via the self-service portal. This feature aligns with Laughly’s involvement with The World Series of Comedy and the Funniest Person in Austin, two comedy competitions designed to give emerging comedians their big break.

About Laughly
Launched in August 2016, Laughly is the first streaming audio app dedicated exclusively to stand-up comedy, offering the most extensive comedy library in the world with albums and routines from over 700 comedians. Laughly is available for iOS and all Web browsers as a free, ad-supported app and through a premium subscription tier that allows users to laugh ad-free, filter out profanity, download comedy routines for their offline listening pleasure, and gain access to exclusive content, special contests and free swag. Visit www.laughradio.com. Download the app in the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. Follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

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