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2017 Was A Great Year For Comedy!

  • Posted on January 8, 2018

In order to move forward, you sometimes have to look back. 2018 should be another fascinating year for comedy lovers. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet! There’s nothing more unsettling than the unknown… Instead, let’s look at the year that was, with relative certainty. The last 365 days (give or take) had some of our biggest laughs ever. We’ve celebrated the best tracks featuring the year’s best comedians in our station Cream of the Crop – 2017. We highlighted Shane Torres, who established himself as a premiere storyteller in his debut album. Kurt Braunholer made a rousing case for considerate comedy by asking us not to trust him. Fahim Anwar’s charming and boisterous release made a splash and Sasheer Zamata pivoted from performing sketches on Saturday Night Live to standing out as a stand-up. Our collection boasts 2017’s most diverse and noteworthy releases, the perfect sampler if you were caught slipping or need a refresher.

These Comics Owned 2017… Not Literally, Silly.

Enjoy The Moment

Who won 2017? Well, one: art is subjective, so “Best” is relative. But, two: some comics clearly had a moment. Tiffany Haddish was phenomenal. She was a revelation on stage, on television and in movies, while making history as the first black female stand-up comedian to host Saturday Night Live. Lil Rel Howery broke out as TSA super agent Rod in the surprise blockbuster Get Out, representing the standard for a friend you need in a crisis. Patton Oswalt and Laurie Kilmartin made amazing comedy out of their grief. Pete Holmes delivered Crashing, a unique series highlighting street-level comedy, as well as a sterling comedy special. There are so many hilarious, relevant moments in a given year that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. It’s hard to stay in the moment or remember your favorites. Finding funny is a serious endeavor. That’s why we take pride in keeping you up to date with the freshest comedy, streaming now on Laughly!

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