Bringing you the
Future of Comedy

Our Origin Story

Laughly is the first streaming audio app dedicated exclusively to stand-up comedy. We offer the most extensive comedy selection in the world with albums and routines from over 700 comedians. Finally, an app that let’s you LOL 24/7! We’re out to save the world, but not in a wearing-tights-and-cape way. Our goal is simple: Give stand-up lovers like you the experience of laughing anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s with a curated playlist, personalized stations or livestream events, Laughly is changing the game one laugh at a time. We work with the most established acts of today while also breaking the hottest comedy stars of tomorrow. We’ve created a new revenue stream for comedians, and a new way to stream comedy for fans. With Laugh Radio’s plans to integrate video, user-generated playlists and jokes, it’s never been easier to be part of the comedy world.

The Laughly Execs

Our team is made up of seriously funny people. This group loves comedy and creating easy ways for you to laugh. Our engineers, content programmers and designers are no joke because we leave the jokes up to the pros.

Dave Scott

Founder & CEO

Known for:

– Serial Entrepreneur
– Recovering Comic
– Epic Board gamer

Rashidi Hendrix

Chief Content Officer

Known for:

– Def Jam comedy

Kelly Anneken

Head of Product

Known for:

– Pandora Comedy
– Audible Comedy
– SF Bay Area Comic

Mark Seman

Head of Programming & Original Content

Known for:

– SiriusXM Comedy
– Laugh Button
– Mark Says Hi

The Gurus

Our advisory board is a learned and wise group that meets once a month atop a tall mountain to listen to vintage Richard Pryor bootlegs. Oh, and they’ve also got years of experience in the tech, comedy, and streaming media industries, so they provide us with valuable insight in building a better Laughly.

David Sussman

Known for:

– NBC Universal

Larry Lieberman

Known for:

– Comedy Central

Elliott Peters

Known for:

– iTunes
– Warner Music

Gary Greenstein

Known for:

– SoundCloud
– Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati

Delida Costin

Known for:

– Pandora Radio