Creating mobile, on-demand technologies for comedic spoken word.

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Why We Exist

Laugh Radio’s goal is to give you front row seats to the best comedy in the world. You’ll not only be able to hear popular comedians like Kevin Hart and Louis CK, but also funny jokes from great emerging comedians.

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Hey Comedians!

We like you. No, we love you. In fact, we want to have your baby and name it Bobby because its such a great gender neutral name. But let’s start with getting you some-well deserved exposure and making you some actual money. allows you to create your own comedian page and accepts any professional recorded works for availability on our app. While we only play the audio, we can accept both audio and video. Every time a track is played, we split the revenue with you. It’s really just that simple.

The first step to registering you as a comedian is to complete the form on this page.

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Meet the Team

Laugh Radio, Inc. was created by a bunch of people who love comedy and want to give everyone access to a good laugh. We’ve hired a lot of over-educated developers with fancy degrees to develop one kick-ass app. It’s built from the ground up to provide – wait for the fancy words – a mobile on-demand platform for comedic performances.

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Meet the Press

Fans of Laugh Radio? So is the media. Below, please find hundreds of great articles about Laugh Radio, its team, and the app. Read on and prepare to be impressed.

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